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May 13, 2014 10:30am PDT
'm with the geneva rapid transit it has a community advisory committee there's 13 members because it is covered the geneva in san francisco and san mateo county there are 5 san mateo appointed members of the community of the advisory committee and 8 members appointed by the transportation board we have a one vacancy to represent the neighborhood of ocean view and the individual that was in the seat recently accepted a job with mta and so has stepped up to the plate down from the competent. so we have two applicants for the seat and both applicants are here today and if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> thank you. so i see no questions let's invite the two applicants to come forward with short statements >> great to see you. >> good afternoon, commissioners hope you're having a wonderful day i'm here to speak to you guys about my qualifications to the geneva advisory committee. one the reasons i'm applying is i want to combine my passion with my former education and the experiences of the o m i to shape the feasibility study i'm a student at the san francisco university
May 2, 2014 12:00pm EDT
at the geneva meeting, i mean, russia will participate and perhaps even help instigate certain diplomatic meetings and discussions and even agreements, and, you know, i think it's an open question right now about the level of sincerity or whether that's simply a diversion or a way of keeping -- staying engaged in the conversation while continuing to do what it wants to on the ground. i know that is now a growing feeling within certainly after the failure of geneva, after the failure of the syria peace talks that in the administration -- i'm not speaking for myself, but just from people i've interviewed and talked to there -- that there is a sense that some of these are feints and simply maneuvers and that, meanwhile, russia continues to create effects on the ground. well, i want to thank our terrific panel. so many different perspectives here and really added a great deal to this conversation. and thank you all for your questions, and we'll leave it there. [applause] >> wrapping up this wilson center event on future of nato. by the way, if you missed any of this program, we will have it i
May 5, 2014 5:00am PDT
that the geneva agreements must be implemented through the lunch was a bomb already told that the kremlin at chilly and we still want with ukraine said that prime minister donald tusk. lots has also started a hat of the german foreign ministry from my first time my aunt called on to my taste a citizen of the station's table in his opinion to handle it into a tonic for a week celebrates the situation people kill a dance with asic and sixteen contracts the number of ukrainian soldiers when did this on to losses as a result of their anti operations in slow downs. the terrorists losses she has clarified its only known me and eunice and on ukrainian troops and against tommy this cd captured by the occupants of the development of events during d day in the study. it was to breaching his duty in progress. this would ask him to muslims. i want useful to begin due to forces to keep all the twelve checkpoints this lead to premature and talented. aye. as you work eight. we have will the couple won a trial although i'm not in the olive to watch and used in the darkness of this eighteen yet still goi
May 18, 2014 9:35pm EDT
' this mocks the lives contradicts the geneva communique' and many millions of syrians will be unable to participate in such a so-called election and we call on the entire international community to reject these illegitimate elections as the arab league, united nations, united states, and the european union have done. we've also agreed to take steps together through a coordinated strategy to increase the moderate r opposition national coalition nd for its supreme military council and associated moderate syrians will armed groups to do everything we assad regime e accountable for the terror it is through ing including security council referral it the international criminal court to to counter the extremism and f complete the removal of syrian chemical weapons and step up our deliver humanitarian aid across the borders and lines irrespective of the consent of the regime. we say at the end of the ourunique' we have directed officials to implement a core group action plan. united kingdom for its part an ng to that will provide additional 30 million pounds, practical , in support to help t
May 2, 2014 4:00pm EDT
buildings by unidentified armed groups undercuts the letter and spirit of the 17 april geneva statement. are therefore urging all sides to exercise maximum restraint and appeal to those with grievances to voice them peacefully so as to avoid bloodshed. we call for all parties to expect -- respect ukraine's sovereignty. secretary-general once again calls on those responsible for the capture and detention of military monitors and the company ukrainian staff to release them immediately, unconditionally, and unharmed. statecretary-general of says this is the only way out of the crisis and both sides must redouble their efforts to revitalize the spirit of compromise during the geneva talks. you,ly, it as i informed given the deteriorating situation in the country, the secretary-general has asked me to go back to key of next week. -- kiev next week. immediate return to dialogue. thank you. >> i want to thank him for his briefing. i give the floor to the members of the security council. i give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> thank you, mr. president. the russian e
May 3, 2014 12:00am EDT
, to carry out its obligations under the geneva ss to the inability or lack of desire to carry out its obligations under the geneva declaration for a swift halt of all violent and launching a broad, national dialogue with regis and political forces. if anyone is doubting, now today it is definitely clear that the begineclarations need to nationwide dialogue to the far-reaching crisis. we know that these declarations -- the regime is violating and now it is violating the require a mostt urgent step to halt all violence. at a time or russia's taking efforts to de-escalate the crisis. request of our partners -- issue ofions, the military special with a number of european countries. the cap regime with western andsors started force annihilating any hope in the geneva agreement particular concerns of information that during the punitive operations of the ukrainian armed forces and the nationalist group there was english on the radio waves. foreigners onng the inadmissibility of outside interference. it is time for western colleagues to think twice and reason with those that stop toying with
May 20, 2014 11:00am PDT
study for the geneva brt link and feinstein we saw the general obligation bond by mayor ed lee and 11 members of the board of supervisors last week and i want to thank supervisor tang pr await raising property taxes and traffic speed up grad transit stations and prove pedestrian safety on the busiest corridors the general obligation bond is the 2030 task force to examine the infrastructure needs. we continued to discuss and work on on the champion measures bike like the vehicle free and over all we need to have great leadership in the city to make it happen the mayor is pushing hard to bring us together to make sure we're making the best investment in our transportation. i want to thank supervisor wiener he wants to make sure we're keep the ball rolling so i appreciate our charter amendment to find the revenue sources to put on the ballot. to share those investments proposals city agencies are holding open meetings in every part of town last time we are that in district 11 i know that supervisor breed hosted a meeting and i attended my meeting last time from road repair to muni crowdi
May 2, 2014 8:00pm EDT
on the commitments it made in geneva. we need the russians to do the same. angela, i want to thank you again for being here. as always for your friendship and partnership. these are challenging times. russia's actions in your game -- in ukraine pose a challenge to the situation that brought europe and the u.s. together. whole, freet is and at peace. just as our predecessors stood united for that vision, so will we. chancellor merkel -- german]g >> thank you very much, barack for this gracious hospitality and this warm welcome you accorded to me and i'm very glad to be able to be back in washington and to have an opportunity to address all of these different issues with you. the priority really is on the current issue of ukraine and it looms large in our agenda and it shows how important the transatlantic partnership is in today's times. i think it's a very good thing that all of the steps we have taken so far, we have taken together and today in our talk, we yet again underlined that we fully intend to go ahead as we did in the past. what happened on ukraine? what happened on the crimean pen
Al Jazeera America
May 7, 2014 3:00am EDT
a report on the company of its migrant worker to the u.n. security council in geneva. we'll go live there. ♪ what is this place? where are we? this is where we bring together reliably fast internet and the best in entertainment. we call it the x1 entertainment operating system. it looks like the future! we must have encountered a temporal vortex. further analytics are necessary. beam us up. ♪ that's my phone. hey. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system. only from xfinity. tv and internet together like never before. you >>> good to have you with us. these are the top stories on al jazeera - thailand's prime minister has been ordered to step down by the country's constitutional court. this after judges found yingluck shinawatra guilty of violating the constitution. >>> polls opened in south africa's parliamentary elections. it's been 20 years since the end of apartheid. it's the first time those born at the end of white rule will have a say. >>> the u.s. helping to search for 279 nigerian girls. eight more from abducted in borno state. protesters in abuja rallied on
May 19, 2014 12:35am EDT
that this mocks the innocent lives lost in the conflict. utterly contradicts the geneva communique and a parody of democracy. many millions of syrians will be unable to participate in such a so-called election and we call on the entire international community to reject these illegitimate elections as the arab league, the united nations, the united states, turkey, and the european union have already done. we've also agreed unanimously to take further steps together through a coordinated strategy to increase our support for the moderate opposition, national coalition, and for its supreme military council and associated moderate armed groups to do everything we can to hold the assad regime accountable for the terror it is perpetrating including through security council referral to the international criminal court. to work together to counter the rising forces of extremism and to complete the removal of syria's chemical weapons. and to step up our efforts to deliver humanitarian aid across borders and across lines. irrespective of the consent of the regime. and we say at the end of our communique,
Al Jazeera America
May 7, 2014 12:00pm EDT
-april in geneva when ukraine met with russia, the european union and american foreign ministers all gored to come up with something that looked like a deal to come up with security and cooperation and go in and organize elections, and that fell apart. what the russian side is saying thavladimir putin wants to see prove that the kiev government is not going to continue military operation operations ie southeast of the country, so it looks like he's retreating, but he's willing setting conditions. it's not just the russian president backing down. but th the european union and americans are threatin threatenn more. >> nick spicer in kiev. >>> meanwhile more fighting between government troops and pro russian forces in eastern ukraine. the people there say that daily viviolence is taking its toll. >> there seems to be no natural rhythm, no certainty of what each day would bring. for the. >> i want this to stop as soon as possible. we are all tired they said they brought it down with heavy machine gunfire. >> he fired off flares. to be honest it was terrifying. in the evening we saw that they blew up t
May 5, 2014 5:30pm PDT
tools to descend established by geneva is the oecd which is supposed to be involved on many levels the sun is up for the twentieth and now we want to push for its involvement to become possible. he didn't come. in mid april the eu and the us joined representatives from ukraine and russia at a conference in geneva. they agreed on steps to defuse the situation that those have been ignored and the violence continues. gemini now wants a second geneva conference to move the process for worse the conflict was also on the agenda as german present you looking gal met his czech counterpart in trot. both heads of state appealed for calm. be it. i call on all parties to keep calm all been returned to the negotiating table. she still looks appealing. as yet there are no signs of another conference emerging color of the list of the dead to reaching an end. when joined by our chief political correspondent linda grant political as if both sides in this complete the new credit mostly ignored the mosque agreement. why does gemini want a second round of talks well the foreign minister clearly believ
May 7, 2014 5:00am PDT
on the capitol hill. like i was convinced that the geneva agreements must be implemented. polenta was from already called the kremlin actually on the still wild with the paint was at the prime minister at the nicholas watt said. also sunday had a big german foreign ministry. by this time my aunt called on the party's decision to name the station staple in his opinion that militant or tonic will only escalate the situation. i miss and ukraine gave instructions to find and punish del the nicest of mass disturbances in and then some he stressed that dozens of victims during clashes between the four ukrainian and russian activists including onto people. is it provoked and well prepared action. at the same time he promised that the police action as well be assessed by the percentages and announced that the appointments and rotations in the midst of unsettling as in and assam the prime minister believes that ticket at grays of people take part in such events. on one side of the militants pain by russian special forces on to other citizens who has a long time been provoked with language tim tamal
May 6, 2014 5:00am PDT
. like i was convinced that the geneva agreements must be implemented. lunch was from the medical the kremlin actually on the stove while the paint is at the time to step on toes the sec also sunday had a big german foreign ministry. i've been stung my aunt called on the parties to see that the negotiations table. in his opinion that militant atomic will only escalate the situation. i missed and ukraine gave instructions to find and punish del the nicest of mass disturbances in the best of his ties to the dozens of times during clashes between the all ukrainian and russian activists including on to people is to provoke and well prepared action. at the same time he promised that the police action as well be assessed by the percentages and announced that the appointment of the rotations in the midst of the taliban's in and then some the minister believes that ticket at grays of people take part in such events. on one side and the intense pain by russian special forces on to other citizens who has a long time been provoked with led lights dimmed tire ale and ideological says. as a re
May 6, 2014 8:30am PDT
foreign minister and rapists to the tennis match in geneva on april the seventeenth. when the deal struck to ease tensions in ukraine collapsed there are thirty foreign ministers in attendance. this meeting. ukraine the stillman eighteen proceedings. latest news regarding was the pianist is the residence of stocking up on food and wall to separate is to reinforce the positions that checkpoint leading into the top. we'll be back later to hear what the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has to say on the situation in ukraine. i think be buried their dead in a dance to the festivals of forty funerals of nice deep red russian support is killed in a building on last friday has been taking place. laura plunder the next few days ago when the tourists to see many hidden in the kiev government of making a peep at the deseret news each other to live with me they don't give it one night so we must kill one another watch him but you can google that we try and support each other while we bury our dead countryman me feel like and then see friends. he's a valuable beating family. from a toast hundre
May 5, 2014 4:00am EDT
with europe. >>> joining us now in paris, steve? >> hey, ross. just on the geneva one and two accord, i have to remind viewers that if anyone, both sides here, are able to enact geneva one, then maybe we wouldn't need a gentlemeva two. one is military weapons and all kinds of issues on its side. two, pro-russian sectors would leave the buildings and disarm on the other side. three, the talks begin about greater tax for the regions that in the south as well. so if all those things were enacted on both sides, i don't know what to move forward than to get out of geneva one even if it was enacted. now we'll move on to the danger. you heard the acting prime minister in kiev talking about his concerns that this would have geo political manifications from this. yes, the dow is trading at its first yearly high, record high last week, but there's a real concern that economically this could have ramifications even though the world seems to have ignored it so far. we'll listen to what i was told yesterday about his concerns of how this would hit sentiment in the market and broader economy. >> it is ten
May 2, 2014 4:00am EDT
offensive a geneva hopes of deal. we will monitor the crisis in ukraine on "the pulse." ♪ >> good morning. welcome back. you're watching "the pulse." it is friday. anything about this week's installment of the entrepreneurs making it, the london distillery company is the capital first whisky distillery in 100 years. there is a catch. it has not officially made any yet. anna edwards went to check it out. ♪ >> this is the first whisky maker in london for more than a century. the londonby darren, distillery company as part of a wider trend towards craft brewing in the u.k. but it takes three years and a day for whisky to become whisky. this is not ready appeared in the meantime, the money comes from another spirit with more obvious london connections. >> we launched. about the you have taken somebody else's business plan. >> what actually happened as we were building the space, and we found through an image that we sent was a business perspective for another london distillery company. and it was a tournament called ralph dodd. he did not succeed in his plans. when we dug into what
May 6, 2014 9:00pm EDT
to see russia live up to the very plain, easy to interpret commitments made in geneva. i will reiterated the commitment we made in geneva is not vague. it is not open to interpretation. was specific. it outlined concrete steps all parties need to take. ukraine's government, literally before the ink was dry, started to implement on that agreement. they have held up their end of the bargain. ukraine has shown remarkable restraint. almost immediately coming out of that meeting in geneva, they ordered a cessation of any counterterrorism activity, any effort to remove people from buildings, based on the notion that both sides were going to work to bring people out of those holdings. and the fact is, they have been to move theiriev country forward through nonviolence. through constitutional reform. through dialogue. and through reaching out to be disaffected parts of ukraine. we are also very concerned about efforts of pro-russian separatists in and then ask -- tsk/ ask -- done cause mored will problems than trying to do you escalate this situation. this is the crimea playbook all over again a
Al Jazeera America
May 2, 2014 1:00pm EDT
. john terrett is live at the un headquarters now, and john the leaders reached an agreement in geneva last month, so why the emergency meeting called by russia now? >> well, good afternoon from a pretty warm united nations. the russians called this meeting and the reason as always is to get their message out, to have their say, to get their point of view in the international headlines. and the russian ambassador is saying basically all that is going on in the eastern part of the country is ukraine's fault. he said ukraine is not abiding by the geneva agreement made back in april. and this is the strategy we have seen from the russians. their strategy is to also attack, attack first before anybody else can attack you. and he said the west needs to rethink its positions. now for the other key members of the security council, we heard from the french ambassador who said all of this was like a bad spy novel with russia deploying forces some with uniforms some not and causing trouble. he said the russians were basically opening a pandora's box. the united kingdom talked about ukraine ufrin
Al Jazeera America
May 13, 2014 12:00pm EDT
appreciate mr. brahimi's diplomacy in organizing the geneva conference on syria, and for facilitating the interim talks all year and this year. i regret that the parties, especially the government, have proven to reluctant to take advantage of that opportunity to end the country's profound misery. i renew my appeal to them to show the wisdom and sense of responsibility and that could allow a way out of this nightmare. i also reiterate my strong view that there must be accountability for the terrible crimes that have been and are being committed. such crimes include the deliberate starvation of communities by preventing humanitarian access. mr. brahimi has long been recognized as one of the world's most brilliant diplomat, as well as outstanding proponent of the principles of the charter of the united nations; that the objective to which he applied his extraordinary talents has proven [ inaudible ] is a tragedy for the syrian people. that his efforts have now received effective support from the united nations body that is charged with upholding peace and security, and from countries wi
May 2, 2014 10:00pm EDT
people on the the geneva treaty and there was a strong commitment for those who have influence that need to ensure the sovereignty and territory of ukraine is observed. otherwise, the situation may further escalate and the conflict will become regional or worse. continuee useless to emergency public briefings of the situation if concerned parties and countries are not willing to be responsible and solve the conflict. need to scale we down the rhetoric. i thank you. >> i think the representative of rwanda. inhall now make a statement my cap pacitti of representative of the republic of korea. i think the secretary-general for his briefing. korea is deeply concerned over the continuing tensions in eastern ukraine. despite the agreement reached in geneva, the situation in ukraine is showing no sign of stopping. we are large by the fresh violence corrupted in ukraine overnight, including violent attacks targeting to government helicopters by illegal armed groups. we strongly condemn these attacks. it resulted in the death of two ukrainians. such instance points to a serious deterioration in t
May 2, 2014 5:00am PDT
on the train up to two week break. this time the main topic led to his ouster of the geneva agreements made it to april seventeen. then leading diplomats and ukraine thing is you know the u s and russia. the state it was seven hours. they agreed to a specific steps for de escalation of the station in eastern regions. however the green ants are not fulfilled by moscow unanimously declared european american and ukrainian politicians want him to study shall we send its troops to train under the guise of peacekeepers. this was taken by dependence are presented to all the ukraine to the united nations he said he and his endless content that's implemented occasions to iran. it includes a few steps stairs to bed it is controlled by the kremlin press administrative institutions and proclaimed the still cold. the show is in your limits than us can recognize as this. and tt's and brands. it's on there the trip was nice to disrupt the upcoming presidential elections because of their lack of support for disability among the population of the eastern regions of ukraine. seeking to wheeze to disagree wit
May 2, 2014 5:30am PDT
spokesman also lambasted a military assault by kiev saying it killed off the geneva accord. let's get more by skype from moscow. it did not take long for the kremlin to react to events in ukraine this friday. >> that is right. they have called the special operation. if. -- the vladimir putin spokesman said this operation is killed off any hope for the geneva agreement. he also said vladimir putin is receiving all the information on the latest developments in ukraine. putin appears to be following developments closely. they insist they continue to take steps toward escalation of the conflict and work towards the release of the observers held in slaviansk. russia spent the special envoy to the area. he is in the region right now. contact with him has been real established. >> vladimir putin warned of consequences against ukraine for acting against its own citizens. what consequences could flow from today's events? >> that is right. vladimir putin has one of consequences in ukraine. he did not give exact details of what the consequences might entail. the russian foreign ministry said the assa
May 13, 2014 5:30am PDT
in the united states. the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting in geneva today to discuss that virus that so far has no cure. but first, pro-russian separatists in ukraine celebrated yesterday as they officially proclaimed donetsk an independent republic. they turned to vladimir putin and asked to join russia. the european union is scrambling to prevent the breakup of ukraine, but the german foreign minister is in kiev to lineup talks between both sides. >> i think we are in complete agreement that the presidential willion on the 25th of may play a crucial role. i have that for national dialogue it is possible to take steps to regain control of occupied buildings and eventually disarm illegal groups . europe and the west face an uphill battle. the pro-russians are convinced they have the upper hand. >> fireworks light up the sky in donetsk as pro-russian separatist celebrate their newly claimed independence. organizers of the referendum claimed 90% voted for the region to break away from ukraine. assaults disputed but ukraine's central but -- the results disputed by ukrain
May 6, 2014 3:30pm PDT
to call up paul and cocoa law from the bakery. >> so my honoree is from the geneva bakery they've they've been offering exceptional cakes in the excelsior a fact that anyone who had a slice of the birthday cake a few months ago can attest to. it was a great chinese bakery they offer freshly baked warm buns and like pinning apple and others. i'm not only honoring geneva bakery are you but paul and cocoa are generous to our schools their korgz many community events and donate many baked goods to communicate events that's a community hub not only a line but it is filed with people socially over a cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon. it's the kind of business we hope to foster and i'm prude inform offer for the asian pacific islander heritage month. thank you >> (clapping) >> say a few words. >> anything t is good thank you (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor avalos like to acknowledge supervisor cowen. thank you very much mr. president, this is a wonderful time of the year we get to acknowledge all the rich culture dings and the culture of the asian pacific islander people of sa
May 13, 2014 4:30pm PDT
people it's not a hotel or bed-and-breakfast it's a great pub hates been on geneva since november of 2011. trust to its name the dark horse has made an expression little known for great attractions partners shawn and andrea have created a place it's imperatives and has craft beers that revolt on a weekly basis they have a delicious memo from bay area farms it has a twist of favorites their tacos and eggs and their deep freud pickles and persons have to die for and families are welcome i've been there several times with my family we're not only honoring shawn and andrea for they're great drink and food but expanding the community at the dark hours and in the excelsior and outer mission neighborhood. we were hoover from a homicide shawn and andrea stopped contemplating about the perceived proximate causes and starting working toward positive action they going to cohen other mission districts in the excelsior and which is the only merchant association they've founded their work led to the founding of the excelsior outer mission merchants association which is the only merchant association cur
May 21, 2014 5:30pm PDT
years ago. the geneva project is moving along we appreciate the community support in connecting 3 cities and multiply operators. the next brt meeting is june 19th so, please check out our website. feinstein on treasure island we are really ramping up we have 34 streams of work we have the ramp projects and we have the elective efforts to support the mobility agency. also our setting governor board is we're setting that up and vance our city engineering we had a d b r workshop with the sdaenld community trying to promote those connections with great outreach thank you lilly and others for they're great effort to promote the business opportunities with the transportation authority. feinstein open the balboa park committee that will be coming to the advisory committee and we'll moved with the key strategies we recommended including a reconfiguration of the southbound i 280 off-ramp to fix it conflict point and signal that going forward in addition to looking at a new potential onramp closer at geneva and others possible strategies we want to make sure we're improving pedestrian safety and m
Al Jazeera America
May 6, 2014 2:00pm EDT
in geneva. i'll reiterate the agreement we anywayed made in geneva is not vague. it was simple. it was specific. it outlined concrete steps that all of the parties have to take. ukraine's government literally before the ink was draw started to implement on that agreement. they have held up their end of the bargain. ukraine has shown remarkable restraint almost immediately coming out of that meeting in geneva, they ordered a cessation of any kind of counterterrorism activity, any effort to remove people from buildings based on the notion that both sides were going to work to bring people out of those buildings. the fact is that they have been committed in kiev to try and move their country forward through nonviolence, three constitutional reform, for die love, and by reaching out to the disaffected parts of ukraine. we also are very concerned about efforts of pro-russian separatists in damask and luhansk to organize a tribe, a bogus independence referendum on may 11th. we flattery -- flatly reyekt is this illegal effort to further divide ukraine, and the pursuit will create even
Al Jazeera America
May 7, 2014 6:00am EDT
of its migrant workers to the u.n. human rights council in geneva. qatar, drew to host the wuppertal has been criticised for its treatment of construction workers. >> first, there are conditions inside the workers camps. activists called them squalid and crammed. then there's the caffala systematic making it difficult for people to change jobs or leave. they have been criticised for poor safety standards and amnesty international says there are domestic workers who are physically and sexually abused by their employers. we go to geneva. >> reporter: in its periodic review of the state of human rights, here at the united nations human rights counsel in geneva, qatar is presenting its report. doha has come under criticism over the past few years, particularly pertaining to the treatment or mistreatment of migrant workers and neighbours. the delegation is presenting a report where it shows, for example, that the number of inspectors that are hired to ensure that the living conditions of these migrant workers, and ensure that their rights are secured, the numbers have increased by 30% over th
May 27, 2014 7:00pm EDT
existed throughout the history of war, and i do not doubt that, but the geneva convention is a more recent development. was that not significant enough that u.s. policy needs to consider that an account for that? and i am curious. i understand states involved in conflict have not much interest in tracking casualties, but is to doctical for an ngo that? and lastly, i have heard that the state department has say, thed whether, drone policy would be counterproductive, getting more people to join the opposition, and it just strikes me that the moral cost, the conflict vietnam , winning hearts and minds, i do not see much discussion on that, and i wonder, is that obsolete? >> all right. that was like five questions. >> the geneva convention, yes, world war ii, but all of these rules and laws actually existed in some primordial form before with the hague convention, and there are a lot of things going back further and further and further, and you get into religious doctrine, and every single religion in the world, at least that i know of, has protection of civilians, mostly women, children, the
May 3, 2014 5:00am PDT
. the progress that we see in their implementation of the geneva forever i was pleased and honored yesterday to join russian european arm colleagues as well as foreign minister to shoot said. um and that they're acting there keep on as we walked through kids got to see the progress that has been made on in the renovation of that building exciting front of it close for renovations are with the foreign to it being reopened after the twenty fifth with a democratically elected there but clearly in fulfilment of god the goal of that geneva sets out for the release of all administrative buildings we hope very much. that's the armed forces in eastern ukraine. we see is qualitatively different but that those forces will take similar action and in the nearest future. we're encouraged by what we see happening in terms of the government's progress on a broad amnesty law which understandings been abated in the run this afternoon. we also welcome the further progress that the government is making in its development of a framework for constitutional reform. i've developed devolution of local authority gre
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